Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Typical British Weather

Ive have not alot to blog about today due to the gloomy rain day i have been having! So it looks like it is a night for running a Lush bubble bath and slobbering myself in body butter. I might even apply some fake tan thats if i can be bothered with the 'curry' scented smell. Hopefully tomorrow is a sunny day as i was planning on walking the dogs so hopefully it stays nice and dry.  

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Mixing it up!

Today i felt very creative as the gloomy British weather was really starting to get to me so i thought it was about time i added a splash of colour to my nails! The bright hot pink is NYC Faithful Fuchsia and the cool ice blue is Beauty Uk's Blue. I also felt a tad wild and decided to juggle up the nails. My day was pretty boring today but i thought i would share my wacky experience with yous!  

Monday, 9 April 2012

My New Discovery.

I have to share my new love for....Soap&Glory products! I have read loads of reviews of the brand and one product that is always raved about is the famous 'Righteous Butter!' People have been saying it is a wonder product that leaves your skin silky soft, but i had no idea just how soft. It made sense to buy the lotion form as it was cheaper and you get 200ml more than the butter form. My skin is naturally soft anyways so i find it hard to find a moisturiser/lotion that makes a real difference to my skin and i have finally found it. My previous body lotion i used was the Garnier Intensive Seven Days Lotion and that seemed to do the trick and keep my hydrated but nothing compares to the Righteous Butter! I purchased mine in Boots for only £10 which is a bargain for 500mls! When i was browsing the Soap&Glory section i came across 'Glad Pitts' which is an anti-perspriant deodorant they do. I have to admit this purchase was just because the name made me laugh but it is an awesome product too! It is aloe vera scented and is brilliant for anti white marks. My Soap&Glory experience has already been luxurious so i intend to purchase alot more from this pampering brand.