Tuesday, 21 February 2012

The Going Blonde Challenge!

 I  have had years of build up colour from permanent hair dyes. It was jet black and in very bad condition
My natural hair colour is a dirty blonde which i havent been in three years. For ages i longed for a platinum blonde colour just like Lisa Kudrow. I knew the only way i would be able to go light blonde was with bleach.
Step One.
Firstly i used Smart Beauty's Smart Blonde bleach where i purchased from Superdrug for £4.99 i had to use two boxes as my hair is over 20cm.

I bleached my hair twice with this which i needed four boxes in total. After two bleaches my hair went like this.  >    

RRP:£4.99 from  www.boots.com                                              

My hair went peroxide blonde at the roots which i wanted, but carrot ginger everywhere else, it was a disaster.
Step Two.
I then used Schwarzkopf Live Colour Blonde in Absolute Blonde which i also purchased from superdrug i only needed one box as you get quite alot of powder bleach in the box.

I left this on for an hour which i know is bad for your hair but i was so desperate to cover the ginger. After being on my head for a hour then a quick blowdry my hair looked like this.  >

RRP:£5.49 from www.boots.com                                                          

It still had a brassiness to it, but it was gradually becoming lighter.
Step Three.
I then decided to put Clairol Perfect 10 in the shade Light Ash Blonde, as the Ash hair dyes cancel out the ginger tones in your hair. I bought two boxes as i was putting all my faith on it. 
After being on my
head for an hour
and a half my hair
was very pourous
and brittle.The 
texture was like
chewing gum which
really worried me,
but after blowdrying
my hair i was left with 
a lovely surprise! >  
                             RRP:£4.99 from www.boots.com 

Other Steps I Used To Help Me Go Blonde!

I wrapped my head in cling film then place a plastic bag over the top to keep the heat it. I did this after every bleach and dying session.

Then i put a blowdrying tunnel on my head which produced even more heat.

I used Pro.Voke's Touch Of Silver Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo as a toner. It is a very deep purple and is for blonde,platinum and white hair. I put this on my hair for as long as an hour, i still use this now to prevent the brassy and ginger tones in my hair.

RRP: £3.05 from www.boots.com


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